Bushwalk of the Month Evaluation

Please refer to the Australian Walking Track Grading System (AWTGS) for Q5.

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For Q 1 – Q 5, please rate your response to the statements below on the scale with ‘1’ rating unsatisfactory and ‘5’ excellent.

1. The general organisation of the Bushwalk of the Month (required)

2. The description and information provided on the website(required)

3. The information provided during the event. (required)

4. Picnic lunch or lunch at nearby restaurants after the walk to connect with fellow walkers.(required)

5. Your preference for the level of difficulties of the walk. (Please refer to Australian Walking Track Grading System).(required)

Part B Your general experience in the community

1. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, how often do you attend events at Willoughby City Council (e.g. EMERGE Festival, Programs offered by MOSAIC Multicultural Centre or Chatswood Library, CNY Parade etc.)?(required)

2a. How much did you take part in bushwalk or other physical exercise before hearing about CFS' bushwalk of the month?(required)

2b. How much do you think you will take part in bushwalk or other physical exercise in the future? (required)

3. How connected were you with the community in general in your local area before the COVID-19 lockdown?(required)