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Climate Action Art Competition

Climate Action Art Competition Entry Fees

Thank you for entering the competition. We’ll be in touch about where to drop-off your artwork or how to upload your photo or group of photos.


Please contact Dr Bibiana Chan via email or give her a call on 012-613-073 if you have any questions regarding this competition. Registration is complete after payment has been received.

Please choose one of the following categories for your entry(required)

Are you in the North Sydney electoral division? (required)

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From a scale of 1-10 ('1' being 'it is important to me' and '10' being 'it is very important to me'), how important is climate change/action to you? (required)

From a scale of 1-10 ('1' being 'It does not affect me at all' and '10' being 'It affects me greatly'), how much does politicians' actions and stance on climate change affect your voting decision/perception of them? (required)

If you are in the North Sydney Electorate, please answer the following questions:

From a scale of 1-10 ('1' being 'I don't trust Hon. Kylea Tink' and '10' being 'I totally trust Hon. Kylea Tink'), how much do you trust the current North Sydney MP Hon. Kylea Tink to take effective climate action?(required)


Ph: +61 4 1261 3073.

Address: 10 – 12 Clanwilliam St, Willoughby, 2068, NSW. Australia.

Thank you for your interest in CAAC!