Virtual Workshop held on Sat 6/11/21

Depending on settings on individual smart phones, aperture diameter is usually fixed. If there is a ‘Pro‘ setting, you may be able to change the shutter speed and ISO.

Placement of the subject of your photo is important. Use the grid guide on your smart phone to place the main subject slightly off the centre.

Experiment with these 2 views and see what results are achieved. In this scene, the portrait view is more suitable to show the height of the trees and the reflections.

Demonstrating the relative size of the objects will help your audience interpret the image better.

Remember to check the light source(s) and the direction before snapping a photo. The shadows will usually give you some clues. Make sure your lens is clean.

Most smart phones will allow you to adjust the light exposure. Look for a little ‘sun’ icon with ‘+’ & ‘-‘ signs. Play with the stepwise increase or decrease of light exposure to achieve the intended results.

Look for the ‘macro’ button on the Pro setting on your smart phone. Place your phone as close to the object as you like to see the background blurred due to a small depth of field.

Don’t be afraid to move your smart phone at different angles to get a ‘non-standard’ shot! Try a high or low angle and see what effects you can achieve.

A picture says 1,000 words. Use your imagination to see beyond the immediate object(s) in front of your eyes!

Sometimes a story has to be told with more than 1 photo. Take a photo as you get closer and closer to the main ‘character’ of your story.

It is also important to show a close-up as well as the big picture.

Having taken a good portrait is very satisfying. Capturing the moment is every photographer’s goal! Be brave to ask your subject(s) to post for you or just wait for that moment to come!

Always look out for a puddle of water or a small stream and check out the reflections! You will be amazed!

‘I spy with my eyes and see something through a natural window frame…’

Use the editing tools on your phone to ‘turn off’ the colours and see what a ‘Black & White’ photo offer you in return!

Snapseed is an App which can do the job and many more tricks.

Most smart phones have settings for taking photos in panoramic view. Keep a steady hand to slide the phone across while capturing the scenery.

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