Mental Health Podcasts

New interview of Dr Bibi Chan by Alan Chan, JP

24-08-2023 Psychology Made Easy Episode #54 Part I – Bibi’s Vision for the Community Flower Studio (CFS).

24-08-2023 Psychology Made Easy Episode #54 Part II-What CFS has achieved on its 4th anniversary?

01-10-2021: Mental Health Month Creative Weekend

Mental Health Chat 心理健康知多少

A. 08-12-2021: Introduction 節目簡介

B. 15-12-2021: How to find a psychologist who speaks your language? 如何尋找會說華語的心理專家?

C. 22-12-2021: Stress-less Tips 減壓秘笈

D. 29-12-2021: The Mental Health Benefits of Creative Activities 從事創作活動對心靈的益處

E. 05-01-2022: How to deal with Loneliness? 如何面對孤獨情緒?

G. 19-01-2022: New Year Reflection 年初反思開創新天地

H. 26-01-2022 What Mentally Strong People Won’t do! 這是心理壯健人仕不會採用的!

I. 02-02-2022: Self-Report Psychological Screening Scales 自我報告心理量表

J. 09-02-2022: Tender & Fierce Self-Compassion 陰陽配合的自我憐惜

K. 16-02-2022 Food Therapy 食療

L. 23-02-2022: Assertive Communication 平等溝通

M. 02-03-2022: Conclusion & Revision 總結及溫故知新

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