Creating Community Art in 2021 Lockdown

A new photo book showcases the artworks of hundreds of Paddington residents that transformed local shop windows into a community art exhibition during Sydney’s second lockdown By Artist Barbara Gruber The long weeks of lockdown in 2021 will be remembered in Paddington for the community art initiative #paddolockdownart that offered the opportunity for anyone toContinue reading “Creating Community Art in 2021 Lockdown”

A Workshop was Born!

A workshop was born! by Dr Bibiana Chan CRS is proud to commit to a model of ‘Co-design and Co-produce’ in ALL CFS Creative Workshops. ‘Co-design’ is not just a trendy word to put in our promotional flyer. It is the ‘key’ to success in running ‘youth-focus’ services.  After hosting 20 ‘Succulent Terrarium’ Workshops, I wasContinue reading “A Workshop was Born!”

Fierce Self-Compassion by Dr Kirstin Neff

Book Review by Dr Bibiana Chan Fierce Self-Compassion – How Women Can Harness Kindness to Speak Up, Claim their Power and Thrive! Dr Kristin Neff This is Dr Neff’s 2nd book on ‘Self-Compassion’. I read her first book (published in 2011) when I was in a serious relapse of clinical depression. The key take-home messageContinue reading “Fierce Self-Compassion by Dr Kirstin Neff”

Community Flower Studio Constitution

Under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009. This constitution has been modified from the model constitution developed by NSW Fair Trading which covers the matters required by law Contents Part 1 Preliminary Part 2 Membership Part 3 The Committee Part 4 General Meetings PArt 5 Miscellaneous Part 1 Preliminary 1 Definitions (1) In this constitution: ordinaryContinue reading “Community Flower Studio Constitution”

How did Community Flower Studio start?

By Dr Bibiana Chan, Director, Community Flower Studio I came across a story on SBS Business Secrets about a florist in Canberra in March 2018. This link gives a glimpse into what is unique about I came across a story on SBS Business Secrets about a florist in Canberra in March 2018. This link givesContinue reading “How did Community Flower Studio start?”

What do CFS do?

Community Flower Studio (CFS) is a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise to create a SAFE SPACE for our members to learn, create and share some floristry, gardening and ‘life’ skills. It will offers workshops such as *‘Succulent Terrarium workshop; *‘Hand-tied Bouquet 101; *‘How to propagate succulent cuttings; and *Mixed media Arts with materials from Nature. CFS willContinue reading “What do CFS do?”