Topics for a Youth Mentoring Program

  1. CFS has hired a co-working table one-day a week at the new Social Enterprise Community Hub since April 2023. Bibi and other members would offer mentoring sessions to support young members (aged 11 – 25 yr) on various topics.
  • Suggestions on formats: ‘Virtual meetings via Zoom’ could be a good start (to establish trust and rapport). There are 2 soundproof cubicles at the community hub for teleconferences and zoom meetings. 
  • Suggestions on topics:
  • Study skills and plans (Goal-setting)
  • Time management (preparing for exams)
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • How to write an impressive resume
  • How to stop procrastinations (Motivation)
  • Communication skills (assertiveness)
  • Stress-less Tips (mental wellbeing)
  • Self-compassion (mental wellbeing)
  • Handling schoolyard/workplace bullying (resilience)
  • Managing relationships (with parents, siblings, peers, teachers and others)
  • Career advice (direction in life)
  • Growth Vs Fixed Mindset (be open-minded and keep learning new things)
  • DISC (Dominance Influence Steadiness Compliance) personality analysis
  • Mental Health Resources (ReachOut, Beyondblue, Black Dog Institute etc.)

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