CAAC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.       What do you mean by ‘Mixed-Media Art’?

Any artwork which is created using more than one art medium (e.g. paper collage, acrylic paint, charcoal, fabric, pastel etc.)  

2.       What kind of materials are considered as found in Nature? Do I have to include them?

For the purpose of CAAC, natural materials (vs artificial materials) include the following: amber, bamboo, Charcoal, feather, fabrics, flower petals, leather, leaves, nuts, sand, seed pods, sticks, small rocks and seashells, tree barks etc. This is not an exhaustive list.  

3.       Do I have to include some plastic in my entry?

YES! To qualify for a mixed-media artwork, each entry is required to have at least one piece of ‘plastic waste’. Plastic waste is defined as something made of plastic which is going to be disposed of into a bin. One of the aims of CAAC is to show how plastic waste can be re-imagined (re-purposed) to become part of an artwork.

4.       Is photography accepted?

YES! Only if it is printed out. Digital version is not accepted. To qualify for this Climate Action Art Exhibition, you have to include at least one piece of plastic (waste) and one piece of natural material (e.g. Flower petals, leaves, seed pods, nuts and tree barks, feathers and seashells etc.) in your artwork.   

5.       Do I have to write exactly 100 words for the Artist’s Statement?

NO! To accompany your artwork, you have to submit an Artist’s Statement of no more than 100 words about the ‘climate action’ featured in your artwork and why did you choose this climate action.

6.       Do I have to pick a climate action related to Australia?

NO! Climate Actions required global effort. The choice is yours. The aim of CAAC is to raise awareness of the urgency for climate action around the world.

7       Can I enter if I am almost 10 yr old?

The lower age cut off is 10 yr. That means you will not be qualified to the 10 – 14 yr age group if you were born after 31st Dec 2013.

8.       Can I enter if I am just over 25 yr old?

The upper age cut off is 25 yr. That means you will not be qualified to the 18 – 25 yr age group if you were born on or before 31st Dec 1997.

10.   Will you accept artwork created by a group?

NO! Only artwork created by an individual is accepted.

11.   Will I be able to get some help from an adult?

NO! Except for filling in an online form. We understand that your parents or other adults may like to offer practical help or advice. To show authenticity, it is best to create the artwork ALL by the artist who enter the art competition.

12.   How could I send in the artwork for the judging?

We accept artwork posted to the Community Flower Studio Warehouse at 19 French’s Rd, Willoughby, 2068.

If you prefer to deliver your artwork in person, you can drop it off to the CFS Warehouse at

a) 19 French’s Rd, Willoughby Rd or

b) The SECNA Community Hub,

c/o 107 Project, Level One, 2 Davy Road, South Eveleigh, NSW 2015.     

13. How do I contact you if I still have a burning question requiring an answer,?

Please drop a line to Dr Bibiana Chan via   or give her a call on 0412 613 073.  

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