Climate Action Art Competition Entry Form

This competition will allow young people across Sydney to use and develop their creativity, inspired by nature, to address the issue of climate change in a proactive way. The competition focuses on the creation of an original work integrating art & nature to interpret the issue of climate change, addressing the problem and possibly proposing a solution.

Created by McKayla T.

 Why should you take part? 

In addition to the prizes and your artwork being showcased, you are about to inspire climate action around Sydney through your research and creative expression. This Climate Action Art Competition has the potential to inspire more young people through the story of what you and your environment heroes are doing to change the world.

Genre: Mixed-Media with at least 1 piece of plastic ‘waste’ and 1 piece of materials found in Nature e.g. flower petals, feathers, leaves, nuts, seashells, seed pods, tree bark etc. (Please note canvas, cardboards and printed versions of photographs which are original work by the entrant are acceptable).  Videos, digitally created artwork and 3-dimensional artwork or sculptures are not accepted.

Size of Artwork: No bigger than an A3 canvas: 297 mm x 420 mm (or 11.7 in x 16.5 in).

Collection Points:

Please deliver your artwork to either of the following addresses:

A: 19 French's Road, Willoughby, 2068, NSW.

B. 107 Project, Level One, 2 Davy Rd, South Eveleigh, 2015.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Judging Panel:

Mr Les Castro – Photographer and member of the Community Flower Studio

Ms Adeline Musters – Artist and Art Therapist

Ms Subashri Sankarasubramanian – Artist and Art Therapist

Ms Jacque Sudul – Co-Chair, Community Flower Studio Youth Action Group

Mr Geoff Turner – Electrical Engineer and Secretary for the Community Flower Studio


The winner for each age group will receive a $100 Westfield gift card. There will be 6 highly recommended for each age group. Each will receive a Community Flower Studio DIY Kit of their choice (succulent terrarium, colour-sand glass or flower-crown). A People’s Choice award (across all 3 age groups) of $50 Westfield Gift Card will be given to the artwork which receives the most votes from the public.

Climate Action Art Exhibition:

The winning artworks will be displayed at the Dougherty Community Centre at Chatswood from Mon 15 Jan to Thurs 25 Jan 2024. Award Ceremony on Sat 20th (1 – 3 pm).

A list of climate action related topics worth exploring:

  1. Positive news on Global Climate Action – Ozone layer self-repair
  2. Sustainable Floristry (e.g. Marginpar)
  3. Regenerative Agriculture in Illinois – Youth & Climate
  4. Biodegradable products (plant-based plastic)
  5. Circulatory Economy (e.g. soft plastic collection by Woolworths and Coles to be recycled and made into gardening products)
  6. Start a Climate Action Group to share concern, raise awareness and discuss feasible actions (Climate Anxiety in Michigan.)
  7. Return & Earn Scheme – government incentive to reduce single plastic use.
  8. Advocacy in stopping tree clearing and deforestation (e.g. Save Flat Rock Gully FB group)
  9. Australia Government initiative – Bio-diversity credits
  10. Eco-friendly Red-Tip Banana (reported in ABC Landline)
  11. Take Three for the Sea (reduce microplastic to go into the ocean)
  12. Printing 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) icon on plastic bags to remind the importance of reduce single plastic use).
  13. Reduce water use – e.g. limit shower time to 8 minute, turn off tap while brushing teeth.  

Sample Artwork by members of the

Community Flower Studio Youth Action Group

Willow Project (above)

By Remi H. (Senior 14 – 17 yr.)

This piece of art shows a dead bird, with plastics and a bit of organic material in it. The reason I chose to draw this is to bring awareness to the Willow Project, a project to sell Alaska for oil drilling. This project would put 287 million metric tons of Carbon dioxide into the environment once approved and cause the deaths of many beloved creatures. I hope this would bring awareness to the situation and urge everyone to help by signing petitions or writing a letter. The background was dark as I wanted to emphasize the sadness of the situation, and to set a silent, bleak mood. Through the art, I hope to evoke people’s sympathy for the birds and wildlife and realise the dangers of plastic.

Biodegradable plastic bags (below)

by Andrew G. (Junior 11-13 yr.)

“This artwork depicts an ear of corn, placed beside three partially buried pieces of GLAD biodegradable plastic. The scene is set in a gardening pot to show the household compostability of GLAD’s biodegradable caddy liners. These caddy liners are made from 30% corn starch, and capable of being composted along with its contained biowaste. This can be placed into the trash or the compost and be used for another purpose.”

How to enter?

Please answer the following questions:

Contact details of the artist:

If the artist is under 18-year-old, please provide the contact details of a parent, legal guardian, teacher or program manager (“Sponsor”).

Thank you for completing this entry form, please click HERE to make a tax-deductible donation to cover our administrative cost and prices (recommended amount: $5).

By submitting the application, the applicant agrees with the terms & conditions of this competition.

Registration is complete after payment has been received.

Closing date: 31st October 2023.